Teens On-The-Run

2020 Teens On-The-Run Trip Schedule

Teens On-The-Run (TOR) is our popular teen travel component of KidsCo. Teens On-The-Run caters to older campers, 6th grade through 9th grade, who are able to enjoy more freedom and independence. Parents have the option of choosing the level of supervision they feel their child needs while traveling with Teens On-The-Run. We aim to create wonderful opportunities for memorable and lasting friendships in a controlled, safe, exciting, and adventurous environment. Bonds are created that stay with our campers and team members for years to come.

Our Incredible Staff

Our Teens On-The-Run Day Trip Camp staff members are comprised of year round employees and college age students. Our Directors also direct KidsCo’s Before and After School Programs during the school year. Their experience with children, scheduling, traveling and staff motivation is impeccable. Each year our Directors attend the American Camp Association conference to remain up to date on the newest information and summer trends, as well as participate in continued training throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the background of a KidsCo staff member.


We understand that our families have busy summer schedules, and being convenient and flexible is extremely important to us. With this in mind, we hope that by offering five pick-up and drop-off locations with extended care hours (6:30am-6:30pm) free of charge, we can relieve some of the chaos of your hectic schedule. Each On-The-Run site offering extended care is based at one of our popular Day Camps. These pick-up and drop-off locations offer air conditioned rooms, game room activities, bathroom facilities, water fountains, and field use. They are a controlled safe haven to relax prior to or after a fun-filled day of Teens On-The-Run excursions. In addition, this structure enables parents to drop off all of their campers at one location, while allowing them to choose which camp best suits their child’s interests and needs. All pick-up and drop-off locations with extended care offer KidsCo Day Camp, Teens On-The-Run, and Kids On-The-Run on site.

Preparation and Safety

KidsCo’s planning season begins long before the start of summer camp. In fact, September marks the beginning of a new camp season for us! This ensures that we have ample time to prepare and plan for another amazing summer. Each year our camps are licensed by the State of Maryland. We are always developing and updating our safety procedures to make sure that we meet and exceed state requirements. Safety is always our number one concern.


Our Teens On-The-Run campers travel farther than any of our other KidsCo campers, so we travel in comfort and style on a luxury coach bus each day! Teens On-The-Run campers enjoy comfortable seating, air conditioning, TV’s and the convenience of a bathroom on board as they make their way to each exciting destination. Keeping in mind that your camper spends a portion of each day on a bus, we feel that working consistently with a bus company and its drivers is important. A bus ride with TOR is not your usual commute! Each bus ride becomes an experience in itself with daily activities to provide entertainment and an opportunity to get to know fellow campers and staff. Some of these daily activities include: streaming trivia displayed on TV screens throughout the ride, “Challenge Monday” filled with prizes and games, “Dress Up Tuesday”, “Scene-It Thursday”, and “Freestyle Friday” to show off your talents!

Here are a few of the safety procedures we implement over the summer:

  • Each bus has a designated bus captain who partners with the Director to add extra security and accountability on and off the bus at each stop
  • Directly upon getting off the bus, all campers are shown where the “main base” is located. All campers meet at the “main base” a minimum of two times during their trip
  • Staff members are equipped with a two way radio, providing constant contact with one another at all times
  • All camper emergency information is kept with the Director at all times. If your child is sent to camp with a cell phone, that number is noted by the Director. The Director’s mobile number is always accessible to your child via their KidsCo wristband
  • Current trip shirts are required on all Wednesday trips, while at large theme parks and sporting events
  • On all trips, children wear a wristband that indicates our camp name and the Director’s mobile phone number.

These are just a few of our everyday safety procedures. Please feel free to contact us for more information about safety and accountability!