Before & After Care Program

KidsCo is designed to offer kids a different approach to before and after school programs. KidsCo is child-directed; drawing on the energy and creativity of the children involved in the program to design the activities and clubs that will be offered. While we encourage the children to participate in the design of the program, KidsCo team members will work closely with the kids to provide structure, guidance, and expert advice.

We believe that it is important to provide a family-style atmosphere, where everyone is safe and treated with care and respect; a place where kids, parents, and KidsCo staff members work together as a community.

Homework Time

KidsCo will schedule a homework period of 55 minutes Monday through Thursday. Our staff will ensure that the atmosphere is quiet and comfortable to help each child focus on their homework needs. KidsCo will also keep a full stock of homework supplies to make sure that the children have a great start to their homework each day. Children are organized into smaller groups during homework time to help increase individual help. Parents will be updated daily on the progress of homework completion through check sheets that are located by the sign in and sign out area. This process will allow parents to know whether their child still has homework to finish at home that evening.

Snacks & Nutrition

An afternoon snack is an important part of the KidsCo program at your school. We supply the children with a variety of healthy choices each day. The atmosphere of the snack area is warm and inviting. Music, tablecloths, and pictures will help to add to the at home atmosphere. Snack is a time when the children can relax, chat, laugh and enjoy a tasty, yet healthy snack together. Each afternoon snack will include the option of milk or water, a fruit as well as an additional rotating snack item. A monthly snack calendar is posted at each program allowing for parents to monitor their child’s daily snack options.

Team Sports

Children involved in our sports clubs don’t simply throw the ball around every afternoon. Our sports clubs teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and the rules of the game. Through these activities, children form close bonds with each other and their KidsCo coaches in a competitive, yet supportive, atmosphere. There is a place for everyone at every skill level. Sports clubs at KidsCo are great for those who may be intimidated by extracurricular competitive sports, but who want to participate in an organized recreational sports league. Home and away games are played, and transportation is provided for children in first grade and above to play in away games at other KidsCo programs. Don’t forget to wear your school-specific jersey to school on game days! Let’s play!

Field Trip and Theme Days

KidsCo ventures out on many field trips throughout the school year. Information about specific trips are available at your program location as well as in monthly newsletters distributed by your program Director. The pumpkin patch, bowling, swimming, and lunch and a movie are examples of trips we may take over the course of a school year. On half days and days of off school when KidsCo is open, KidsCo plans and implements interactive theme days for the children. Some examples of exciting theme days are Olympic Day, Bikes, Trikes and Scooters Day, Jersey Day, and DJ Dance Party Day!

Kids Night Out

These are special evenings out planned for children in grades third and up. A typical Kids Night Out may include dinner and a fun activity away from the center on a Friday evening. We could go play laser tag, go snow tubing, or head to a Wizards Basketball Game!

Kids Night In

Kids Night In is an after-hours KidsCo sponsored event for children enrolled at KidsCo. This exciting program is designed to give kids a fun evening experience with friends while their parents enjoy a night out. These events will be held throughout the school year. Each event will be theme based and all of the evenings activities will be based around that theme. In addition, a pizza party will be provided at each event, so leave dinner to us! Currently, Kids Night In is open to ALL students at Fallsmead Elementary, even students not enrolled at KidsCo.


One of the key components of the KidsCo program is its club offerings. Clubs are designed to incorporate the children’s interests while promoting and fostering new abilities and hobbies. Clubs may also eliminate pressure for those children who feel apprehensive about joining outside activities. Parents also benefit from KidsCo’s many club offerings by not having to drive their children to numerous extracurricular activities!

The children will have the opportunity to sign up for a variety of exciting activities such as: The Dessert Cooking Club, the Mad Science Club, The Sports Club, The Cheerleading Club, or The Jewelry Making Club. Club ideas don’t just come from the minds of our team members. The children have a chance to suggest ideas and help create new club ideas. Each week there will be four or five clubs running at a time. Each club will last approximately two months and then we rotate to new club offerings.

Clubs may involve activities located away from the center. Bowling League Club, Ice-Skating Club, and Bike Excursion Club are a few examples. Some of these optional clubs may require an additional fee to coveradmission expenses.